CUSTOM SEX DOLL is a sex doll designed to exactly fit the specifications and details of your preferred real life-like sexual partner. Usually, you are required to submit pictures and or written details of the person or partner you want the doll to look like. The manufacturing professional sculptor will sculpt a life size version of your doll concept in clay. Once it is approved, it is cast into a realistic TPE or silicone love doll with a fully articulated metal skeleton. The time taken usually depends on the difficulty of the design.
It is actually easy and fun to customise your sex doll. The features that you can deal with include body style, head, skin and eye colour, hair, a fixed or replaceable vagina, pubic hair and its colour, make up, manicure and pedicure, regular foot or stand up feet that will allow the doll to stand on its own, among others. This adds realism to your sex doll, making her (or him) much more life-like, exciting and uniquely yours.
To get this kind of doll, you are required to make a payment in advance so that it is taken to production. As soon as it is completed, your new sexual partner will arrive at your delivery location for you to start living out your fantasies.
Depending on the material it is made from and the number of customised features, a custom sex doll varies in costs ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 or more. The silicone made is more expensive than TPE, and so is the female given that male sex dolls are very rare on the market.
It is only this sex doll that will give you options to experience your sexual fantasies like never before. Simply add this doll to cart and send us your specifications, and you will get to enjoy your choice of man/woman any time.

Step 1: Choose the heigh of your sex doll.
Every model of heads can be matched with different body: Heads are Interchangeable between 135cm-165cm dolls and 100cm-125cm.
Step 2: Choose the wig color of sex doll.
The choice of wig color is an important step for making your custom sex doll. Five different wigs are proposed to give a unique personality to your love doll.
Step 3: Choose the the eyes color of your sex doll
Three colors are available: Blue, Green and Brown for a look more realistic.
Step 4: Choose the cup of your sex doll.
Five choice for you: A cup, B cup, C cup, D cup, E cup
Step 5: Choose skin color of your sex doll.
The skin of our sex dolls is both soft, supple and ultra-realistic. And because all tastes are in nature, you can enjoy 4 types of skin for realistic doll : white, pink, red, yellow.

Step 6: Choose the vagina of your sex doll.
Step 7: Choose the pubes of your sex doll.
We offer 5 types of pubes to satisfy all kinds of requires, which will take you an ultra experience of love:

Custom sex doll is a real life sexual partner, primarily for masturbation purposes. Unlike other sex dolls, this doll’s features are modified in the interest or taste of the buyer. The buyer orders for his or her preferred doll with all the specifications he or she wants it to possess. For example the colour of the skin, eyes and hair, size of breasts, waist and butt; general height and weight; shape of the different body parts; and the depth of orifices like the mouth and the vagina. These specifications make the doll look exactly as the real person the buyer is fantasising about.
Besides the specifications, a custom sex doll can also refer to having spare body parts which are removable and interchangeable on the doll. For example, you can buy a white doll along with chocolate or dark skinned body parts. You will interchange them depending on your sexual desires or fantasies. The reverse is also true, you can interchange a light skinned head, hair and vagina with a dark skinned one.
This type of doll is common in female form though it is also available in male. It is mostly made in TPE and silicone materials. These materials bring out real life like human sexual partners thus making the experience more real.
A female custom doll is usually more expensive than the male due to its high demand. It is estimated that designing;
§ the body only is $5,000
§ the head only is $2,500
§ Both the body and head is $7,500
§ However, having other spare parts like the head and vagina will lead to extra costs even beyond $10,000
With a custom sex doll, you can have any sexual partner you want. All you have to do is to make an order along with the specifications and we will make it happen.