A Guide To Cleaning Your Silicone Sex Doll for Healthy Sex Life

With a blend of materials making up their body-culminate shapes, nurturing a sex doll can appear like a dubious assignment. With a little care and consideration, your most loved love doll will last the separation. Here are our best tips for caring for your silicone sex doll.

Repair punctures quickly. Take care to take the directions on the cut repair pack to guarantee you get a decent outcome. Ensure the punctured region is perfect and dry, so the glue cures to frame a hermetically sealed seal.

Utilize a pro-sex toy cleaner. It is best to delicately bathe this doll in a shallow shower of water for a full perfect however she has work in the opening to enable you to clean her butt-centric and vaginal passages adequately. Utilize an antibacterial cleaner and dry altogether. You will then need to utilize a renewer powder all finished – to finish everything and underneath, all around, before putting away her away for next time.

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