Some options that you can do to customize your sex doll

Sex dolls are tailored to imitate the experience of sexual intercourse. To have the best experience in masturbation, you can customize your sex doll to match the shape and feel that feels just right for you.

The joy and fun of having a sex doll is lost if you cannot appreciate the real feeling of having sex.

Here are some options that you can do to customize your sex doll:

Adding a Masturbator

The problem with some sex dolls is that they are equipped with masturbators that just don’t provide the comfort you are looking for. Some dolls have masturbators that either don’t fit or even chafe.

You can actually replace the genitals of your sex dolls to something that can satisfy you. For female sex dolls, just measure how deep the hole of the genitals is by using either a stick or ruler, and mark its length. Next, stretch the genitals of your sex doll and measure the diameter of the hole made using the same stick or ruler. These measurements can then be used as basis to look for masturbators close to the dimensions you were able to get.

Once you’ve purchased the best masturbator for you, deflate your sex doll a bit and insert the masturbator. This is so that you can still insert it easily. After you have inserted the masturbator, inflate the doll so that it can snugly hold the masturbator.

Adding a Dildo

Male sex dolls have a detachable penis that you can replace by looking at the measurement of the o-ring found on its base. You just need to find a dildo that fits the measurement of the o-ring and detach the old one to replace it with the new.

Making them Attractive

You can find a lot of options for having realistic-looking dolls. Replace the hair with wigs that suit to your taste. If your doll is really ugly, try purchasing a mask of the face that you want your sex doll to look like. Or you could permanently paint over the face that your doll comes with to something that is more attractive and beautiful. If body shape is your problem, just buy tight-fitting kinky dresses or corsets to shape the body of your doll.

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