Mysterious Women Free delivery Blonde Love Sexy Dolls – Maggie 165CM

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Product Description

Introducing a new line of authentic luxury love sex dolls. They
have realist feel and look with individuality and silicon build for a real
texture and experience. They are available in range of looks and styles
offering unique personality and authenticity.

Each is unique with realistic torso, limbs, breasts and
vaginas. We’ve done our research to ensure you can have faith placing an order
receive the latest most realistic sex love dolls available on the market today.

Our current clients have given us positive feedback and we have
listened to criticism about the products, which are fed back to the


Material: Silicone / TPE in-built skeleton
Weight: 28 KG
Bust: 82cm
Under the chest circumference: 62cm
Hip: 88cm
vagina deepth: 17cm
oral deepth:13cm
anal deepth:16cm
Thigh length:38cm
Calf length:40cm
style:solid silicone sex doll

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