Silicone Sex Dolls So Lovely Doll – Grace 100cm

£1,250.00 £799.99


She really is amazing just like having the full girlfriend experience.Grace is our most natural doll,very realistic and very innocent.She has beautiful skin and fantastic body says it all.nice natural size breasts with beautiful hands and feet are manicured with wires for movement and flexibility.

It is developed with a lot of precision that makes each doll acquire unique features with real work of art. You will definitely enjoy its harmonious proportions and you have the ability to choose beautiful faces that highly appeal to you and be changing as you enjoy variety. It is your best companion that will not leave you.

Silicone love Dolls offers the absolute best determination of moderate super excellent custom sex dolls. We offer an assortment of doll value focuses from a few hundred dollars, to a couple of thousand, yet even our most costly dolls are still truly exceptionally reasonable.

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